What is Siteequity.com? How do I get the website for free?
September 29th, 2008 by aji.abraham

What is SiteEquity.com? This is a marketplace where you can get an existing website or web business for free . What is the catch? Of course there is a catch. You get  40% of the equity in the website.  We keep rest of the web site equity if its an existing website. If its a new concept we normally split it 50-50 based on your contribtion and ours.

Why? How?

We are a software development group. our thing is creating online businesses. We are not great in operating an online business or making it profitable. If you are interested in a website listed here. let us know.  You can in effect lease it and operate the site.  You will be responsible for marketing the website and making it successful. If you need help with modifying the site with new features, etc.. we can help out. After 12 months or any predetermined period we sell the business and split the revenue . or continue operating the site. Instead of selling the website you or us will have the option to buy out the other party at a mutually agreed price.

Ideal candidates would be very aware of the specific market . You do not need to be  technical or familiar with internet marketing or online businesses.   I got you covered. So you want to experiment in internet business in your area expertise with no financial downside, this is the opportunity.

What we provide:

An existing ready to run business

Hosting for it

payment gateway, payment processing

Any website modifications, changes etc..

Free consultation about ideas to grow, market, promote

I can work with you to create the marketing strategy. I have created and grown few online businesses to success.  I can help you to create the marketing and product strategy.

What you provide:

Promoting the business

Day to day operations

Your creativity and innovation

Other conditions:

we do not take any money out of the website for the first one year , we will reinvest it into the business.

You need to actively work on the business and  meet high level mile stones. You cannot just adopt a  something and comeback after an year to sell it. It is indeed sweat equity for both of us. When you are contacting us let em know about your experience in online business , internet and the subject matter.  Also tell me how do you to grow the business.

Let me know if you have any comments or feedback.


Aji Abraham



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