Wholesale School Supplies Distribution Platform – SchoolSupplyNet.com
Jan 18th, 2011 by aji.abraham

In this economy schools are trying their best to raise money for different things. They rely on a on number of old practices for fund raising. SchoolSupplyNet is a new platform allowing schools to create their own branded ecommerce stores fully stocked with school supplies. Parents and community members can purchase items from the schools store. Items will be send directly to the buyers or available for pickup at the school. Schools are getting the items which include text books, other books, supplies, craft items, lab equipments, uniforms, band items, music instruments, items for extra curricular activities, sports equipment and other school supplies.

Schools can sign up for free and create their own store front. They promote the store online and offline. In the future we may be able to charge schools to crate their storefront. When an item is purchased Schoolsupplynet will charge small processing fee for the platform. This is the main revenue for Schoolsupplynet.com. On the other side we need to add few more manufacturers and distributors who can drop ship items directly to clients.

This is great opportunity for somebody in familiar with schools and other educational institutions.  We are looking for somebody to develop the business side of things. we will keep providing tech support and development. On a day to day basis you would require to contact schools to sign them up. Also may need to contact some merchants, manufactures if the schools require any special merchants in the catalog.

This platform is solid and proven and can handle anything. We just need to some clients. Let us know if you are interested.  Here is the explanation of you canget this website for free.

You have an online business idea? Short on funds? We can help!
Aug 10th, 2010 by aji.abraham

We have a web software development team with solid experience in eCommerce, content management systems, social networking etc. We employ more than 75 developers, designers, and programmers in our offshore development center. Our expertise is in web applications and platforms. We have done projects in PHP, .NET and Flex.

This is the proposal. If you have great business idea and plan, we can partner up. We can develop the software for it in return for equity. 

Few conditions: You need to know what you are doing and have solid understanding about the industry/niche you want explore.  You need to have enough funding for marketing , launching and plan to get to at least next level of funding.  You should be willing put enough time and energy commitment to this business.  At present I am looking for partners in US or Canada.

Sample industries and models

1. Healthcare ( document management, workflow etc..)
2. Social networking
3. Industry specific eCommerce platforms
4. Pet care
5. software products or services for education market
6. Software/services for real estate market
7. Procurement Management

8. Hospitality industry
9.  Video , audio, content management, publishing, applications
10. iphone, mobile apps
11.Open to your ideas

Contact me at http://www.linkedin.com/in/armia

LogoCraft.com – Online Logo Maker
Mar 3rd, 2010 by aji.abraham

There are number of tools available to create websites and blogs. Many of them are free. Creating a decent logo to go with them are not easy.  You need professionals handling the job. You can try to do it yourself. But you will need some expensive software packages and eye for great design. It is not something for rest of us.

We just launched a new tool for anybody to create a great looking logo without any new software. anybody can create one. Its completely online. You can select a symbol, then edit it, add texts, images etc..to make it a great logo for what you want.  Once everything is done, you can download the logo to computer for free of cost. This free online logo maker is developed from scratch using PHP/mySQL with Flex for front end. This free logo generator would be a great fit for a graphic designer who can upsell logos and designs to users.

ChicagoMetro.com – Chicago Social networking community website
Sep 26th, 2009 by aji.abraham

ChicagoMetro.com is an existing social networking website targeting Chicago people. Its a destination for local folks to meet others in the windy city.  The website has features like dating, blogs, community networking , jobs classifieds etc.  The membership is free for regular members. The plan is to have a paid plan for businesses. The website already support these features.  Main thing to do is to promote the community online and offline and also to promote activity within the website.

It is ideal for a local chicagoan who is very familiar with the city life and things to do. I am hoping this could turn into something metromix with real community aspect. Here is how you can get this business for free.

BackupDom.com – Online data backup business
Sep 25th, 2009 by aji.abraham

Backupdom.com is an online data backup business. It allows end users to backup their computer data to their local drives for free and to secure servers for free. As the bandwidth availability of consumers are increasing, the validity of this service is increasing. right now the proposed solution gives away a permanent trial for 100 MB space and charges for larger space.

It comes with a branded desktop software which will do the backup in the background based on a schedule automatically.  This service is similar to the mozy.com , carbonite.com etc.  Main advantage of backupdom over mozy/carbonite is the offline/local backup option. local backup option is perfect for fast recovery plus the server backup for disaster recovery.

Its a great business with a large potential for somebody with inclination o help consumers. Its a great match if you have website with a community or access to one.

Here is the explanation of you can get this website for free.

iShopBuilder.com – online store builder
Sep 25th, 2009 by aji.abraham

This is unique web business where users can create their online stores by filling few forms.  Once the ecommerce store front is created it would be published on the server. end users can add/edit/ products, prices, images etc.. and sell through their own branded store with their own domain in less than 30 minutes.

Revenue is from customers who pays per month for keeping their store in the platform.  This business is similar to yahoo stores, volution and  shopify. But there is a huge potential as there a quite a number of merchants want to sell online but lack the technical skills, budget to set up their shopping cart etc..

This is a great fit if you have basic ecommerce understanding and ability to market the website. Here is the explanation of you can get this website for free.

SwapCD.com – Online CD barter marketplace
Sep 25th, 2009 by aji.abraham

SwapCD.com is a marketplace for users to trade music, software, game, movies etc.. CDs with each other. users can post items to swap, or sell.  They can also publish a wish list with what they are looking for.  Site can charge a listing fee plus % of transaction. For now the site is set up to do free transaction up to $100 to increase the popularity of the website

Ideal operator of this site is ebay, swapmeet junkie who understands the real world swap meet and replicate it online.

Here is the explanation of you can get this website for free.

HandCraftsWeb.com – online marketplace for hadcrafts
Sep 29th, 2008 by aji.abraham

HandCraftsWeb.com is an online marketplace for handcraft artists . Artists can join teh site for free and sell their products through the website. each artist will have a product pane wheer tehy can upload products, change pictures, price etc..  when a customer buys customer pays teh main site and an order is send to artist with the order and shipping info. artsist ships teh item to the customer. and handcrasftsweb sends out payment to artist after taking a commssion.

Its somewhat like etsy.com if you are familair with it. But the model of handcraftsweb is better it offers more assurance to teh user as they are buying from Handcraftsweb not a single artist they never heard of.

Its great business if you are interested hard carfts and artwork, if you are familair with etsy crowd, and a flair for marketing. Here is the explationtin on how you get this website for free.

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