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January 18th, 2011 by aji.abraham

In this economy schools are trying their best to raise money for different things. They rely on a on number of old practices for fund raising. SchoolSupplyNet is a new platform allowing schools to create their own branded ecommerce stores fully stocked with school supplies. Parents and community members can purchase items from the schools store. Items will be send directly to the buyers or available for pickup at the school. Schools are getting the items which include text books, other books, supplies, craft items, lab equipments, uniforms, band items, music instruments, items for extra curricular activities, sports equipment and other school supplies.

Schools can sign up for free and create their own store front. They promote the store online and offline. In the future we may be able to charge schools to crate their storefront. When an item is purchased Schoolsupplynet will charge small processing fee for the platform. This is the main revenue for Schoolsupplynet.com. On the other side we need to add few more manufacturers and distributors who can drop ship items directly to clients.

This is great opportunity for somebody in familiar with schools and other educational institutions.  We are looking for somebody to develop the business side of things. we will keep providing tech support and development. On a day to day basis you would require to contact schools to sign them up. Also may need to contact some merchants, manufactures if the schools require any special merchants in the catalog.

This platform is solid and proven and can handle anything. We just need to some clients. Let us know if you are interested.  Here is the explanation of you canget this website for free.

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