HandCraftsWeb.com – online marketplace for hadcrafts
September 29th, 2008 by aji.abraham

HandCraftsWeb.com is an online marketplace for handcraft artists . Artists can join teh site for free and sell their products through the website. each artist will have a product pane wheer tehy can upload products, change pictures, price etc..  when a customer buys customer pays teh main site and an order is send to artist with the order and shipping info. artsist ships teh item to the customer. and handcrasftsweb sends out payment to artist after taking a commssion.

Its somewhat like etsy.com if you are familair with it. But the model of handcraftsweb is better it offers more assurance to teh user as they are buying from Handcraftsweb not a single artist they never heard of.

Its great business if you are interested hard carfts and artwork, if you are familair with etsy crowd, and a flair for marketing. Here is the explationtin on how you get this website for free.

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